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A list of 2024 vendors will be posted closer to our 2024 event, but see below for what 2023’s vendor line-up looked like!

2023 Oktoberfest's Saturday South Valley Farmers Market

Here is the list of vendors that attended the 2023 Cottage Grove Fall Festival during the South Valley Farmers Market:

Bohemia Bakery

Sourdough Pretzels, Breads, Biscuits, Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, Cupcakes, Donuts, Pastries, Scones. 

Brice Creek Croft

Spring vegetables, including greens, peas, root crops; summer vegetables, including corn, squash, melons, beans; fall crops, including, popcorn, winter squash, brassicas, and dry beans. Honey, rhubarb, other seasonal fruits like strawberries and currants.

Cup of Ambition Coop

Sustainably and fair trade sourced, freshly roasted coffee, Coffee Drinks, Lemonade

Insanctuary Apothecary

Hand crafted candle, linen spray, wax melts, sea salt bath salts, goats milk bath milk, and perfume rollers. all natural & non-toxic, essential oil, all skin safe and premium elements.

LS Farmstead

We are a small family based Woman owned farmstead. We supply wholesome pork cuts and products along with fresh free range eggs, chickens and excess fruits and veggies to our community. Our stock is well taken care of in a clean open environment, using the highest quality Oregon grains and hay forage available. We follow Organic non-chemical practices.

Luck Mountain Leather

Functional art that is rugged and refined. Goods for everyday use. Honoring the animals and the planet by using by-products of the meat industry that would otherwise be thrown in landfills.

Parms Farm

Non certified organic and biodynamic produce.

Pirate Farm

Pirate Farms grow a variety of Native, Perennial, Ornamental, Deer Resistant, and Landscape plants. We will also have some culinary herb plants and annual flower starts. All plants are grown from seed or propagated from cuttings or divisions. This season we will also be featuring some of our craft work including garden trellises, planter boxes, birdhouses, and decorated flower pots.

Poetry Peddlers

On the spot impromptu poetry inspired by you and handcrafted by The Poetry Peddlers.

Rocky Point Farm

Rocky Point Farm is a family operated small farm in Dorena OR. We produce nutritious fresh veggies, and other essentials like dried beans, grains, dairy and soap.

Sugar Illusions

100% sugar free/ gluten free bakery, offering sweet treats to fit any low carb lifestyle. Celiac safe, diabetic safe, and keto friendly. Great for anyone trying to satisfy a sweet tooth without the guilt of sugar, or for anyone who is a fan of delicious flavor.

Sundried Sage Soapery

Quality handcrafted soap made locally in small batches with love and care. My soaps are made with quality ingredients, are palm oil free, blended with pure essential oils and naturally colored with plants, clays, and minerals. No chemicals or fillers, just pure soapy goodness. Love the skin you’re in and treat yourself to good soap you can feel good about!

Sunnyside Sam’s

Plants – including vegetable starts, perennials, ornamentals, house plants, and hanging baskets. Peppers and hot sauce.

Tabucha Kombucha

Kombucha, elderberry syrup, and fire cider.

Terribly Happy Orchard

Terribly Happy is a small family homestead just east of Cottage Grove. Products for market are chiefly from trees and shrubs in a small orchard and a small edible food forest. Food production from these areas is a one-person operation.

elderberries (frozen); aronia berries (frozen); quince jam; dried figs, asian pears; apples, quince, pears, grapes; apple cider

The Perry Patch

The Perry Patch is a family run self-serve farm stand on S 4th st. in Cottage Grove. We offer chicken eggs, dried flowers, and crafted items year round, while also offering flowers and produce seasonally.

RAIN and Peace Through Unity will also be joining us!

2023 Oktoberfest Street Vendors, Food & Drinks

These are the vendors that sold their wares both days of the Cottage Grove Fall Festival in 2023.


Oba Ramen

Chicken Bonz Xpress

Food Smiths


Saginaw Vineyard

Axe and Fiddle

Coast Fork Brewery

Street Vendors

Cutsie Crochets – Crochet animals etc w 13 y.o. kids

Cat Crazy Graphics – High quality sublimation products

Sassy Glass – Fused glass necklaces and smaller dishes, bowls, etc. All unique creations.

Kitten KaZoedle – Crochet kitties

Christy’s Creations 73

Cindy’s Hand painted Christmas ornaments


Casa Valens – Embroidered Hats & Handbags

James’ Hand Crafted silver plated jewelry, upcycled flatware

Jewelry by Jana – Hand Crafted Jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets, and sun catchers

Splash Designs

Senior Moments

Debrenas Vintage Glassware and Oddities –  oddities and art

Krista’s Jewelry, keychains, scrunchies, hair bows, baby blankies, sensory necklaces, crochet bags and holiday garlands.

Liz’s epoxy tumblers, uv resin keychains and pens. Egg cartons and yarn gnomes.

Maranda’s Hometown Candles – Soy wax candles, wax melts, lotions bars, perfume sticks, lip balms, bath bombs, bath salts, and gift boxes.

Val’s Sublimation Tumblers, cups, pet collars, coffee mugs, magnets

W.B Earth Essence – Crystal jewelry and wire wrapped crystals